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The Clothes Show Discovers artist Daecolm gets signed to major record label

18 Aug 2017

Daecolm, one of The Clothes Show 2016 artists has been announced as the newest signing to major record label Polydor Records. The label, who also manage Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, snapped Daecolm up after his cover of the Abba hit "Dancing Queen" went viral overnight.

Daecolm performed in the Alcatel Fashion Theatre at The Clothes Show 2016 with his new single Jungle. At the time, Daecolm was discovered by The Clothes Show talent team during their search for the next big name in music as part of the campaign, The Clothes Show Discovers.

Daecolm talks about why he chose that particular song, after the cover was released and became an instant hit, 

“I just enjoy the idea of taking an older song and giving it a modern twist. "If I was going to be covering anything, I didn’t want to go down the normal route of taking a top 20 hit to grab attention, I wanted to take a risk."

Click here to watch Daecolm's Dancing Queen cover

See Daecolm's highlights at The Clothes Show 2016 below;


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