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Alex Todd

Alex Todd

Having grown up in a family full of musicians, London born Alex Todd frequently States, “It was almost destined for me to be a musician.”

Once finishing his studies, Alex swiftly found himself being thrust into the world of ‘Pop Music’. Tours and recordings came thick and fast and in his first two years of turning pro, he supported Elton John, Taylor swift, Tinashe, Jamie Lawson along with many others.

More recently, Alex has performed with John Legend on numerous T.V. appearances, been the focal point for the ‘Clothes show & British Style Collective’s’ stage show for two years and can now also be found playing for drum & bass artist Wilkinson.

With great time and feel, along with the fantastic knowledge he has in the world of electronics, percussion, singing and producing, Alex is fast becoming one of the go to session players in the UK.

Twitter: @alextodddrums

Instagram: @alextodddrums